Our Company

The development and acceptance of our products are the result of scrupulous planning, starting from smallest details and right up to the realisation of a wide range of solutions, characterised by careful design and high level of technical performance guaranteed for each individual component. We seek aesthetic quality, practicality and innovation in the creation of profiles according to the needs of the customer. The acceptance of our products has come from careful attention which K&H Facade has always paid and invested in - until the smallest detail.

The design of the profile makes it possible to use the products both for modern buildings and for the restoration of historic buildings; in this context the company supplies handles, hinges and external drainage plugs coated in the same color as the profile, obtaining an extremely elegant result. We undertake to guarantee the quality and durability of the profiles and original accessories and components allowing the correct operations and safety of the product.

Thanks to the professionalism and versatility of our technical department, we are able to supply customers with active and complete collaboration in terms of designs, in order to achieve the best results together and to realise a product distinguished by its performance, practicality, simplicity and aesthetic quality. When you deal with K&H Facade, we are into the smallest details of your project.